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Install Beautiful Hardwood Flooring In Sandown New Hampshire

hardwood flooring in Sandown

Give you home a long lasting classic look of beautiful hardwood flooring. We work with a local mill and are able to produce any kind of finish, color or style of hardwood flooring you want.

Do you have an old floor you want to refinish and continue throughout the house? What about a reclaimed hardwood floor that needs some pieces replaced? No problem! We can identify the wood, profile and measurements, and reproduce an older style of hardwood flood.

Here are just some of the types of hardwood floors we can install:

Dark Wood Floors

Light Wood Floors


Common Question: What about the wide boards for flooring, can you do that too?

Absolutely! Wide plank flooring is available in hardwood and softwood. Softwoods are usually pine flooring, but can also be bamboo or another specialty wood flooring and go well in early American homes or in mountain homes.

Common Question: When installing hardwood floors, can you go over my old floor to save money?

Unfortunately, no. Unlike the less expensive flooring of laminate and vinyl plank flooring, hardwood is required to be nailed directly to a sub-floor. This is what helps keep the floor in place during seasonal shifting. Wood expands and contracts throughout the seasons as temperature and humidity levels change. Correctly installing the floor requires that you nail the new hardwood floor (the nails are hidden) to the sub floor to help keep it in place during these seasonal fluctuations.

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